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How the Two Lost Chapters of Think and Grow Rich Can Change EVERYTHING for You!

Who is Monica Main?

Entrepreneur and Author Monica Main discovered the two lost chapters of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich through a mysterious meeting with an elderly man during a business conference by the name of Roy Chamberlain, step-son of an employee of The Ralston Society (the Publisher of Think and Grow Rich in 1937). Now you can finally, after being hidden for 83 years, read the two lost chapters of Think and Grow Rich as it was written and intended for the public to see back then!  Ms. Main has been a serial entrepreneur and investor but didn't realize the magic and power of the laws of attraction until she was able to read the two lost chapters of Think and Grow Rich.  In the beginning of Think and Grow Rich, Mr. Hill promises "the secret" to getting anything and everything you've ever wanted in your life.  However, when you read through the book, NO SECRET IS EVER REVEALED.  Most readers thought they missed the secret (because perhaps it was buried in the hard-to-read text somewhere) or that "the secret" was in doing what Mr. Hill suggested throughout the book and THEN the secret of the laws of attraction would appear.  Reality is, THE SECRET of getting anything and everything you want WAS revealed in Think and Grow Rich except that it was in Chapter 17...which never made it to press when the book was initially published back in 1937 nor was it published in subsequent editions thereafter.  This is the FIRST TIME that these two lost chapters have been revealed to the public and this is the REAL SECRET (that even the book and the movie "The Secret") that has NEVER been revealed before!

Read the Never-Before-Revealed Two Lost Chapters of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich has sold over 100,000,000 copies since its release back in 1937.  Most people don't know that, right before press-time, the two last chapters were stripped out of the manuscript just as it was going to print.  This made the original (and subsequent) versions of Think and Grow Rich INCOMPLETE, as the real secret (as promised by Napoleon Hill in the very beginning of the book) was NEVER REVEALED.  Now, 83 years later, you can read the two lost chapters -- Chapter 16 and 17 -- as they were originally intended to be read by Mr. Hill himself.  But be warned: The Napoleon Hill Foundation has DENOUNCED these lost chapters, claiming that they never existed to begin with.  However, for ANYONE who has read the original Think and Grow Rich and came away thinking that there MUST be something missing...there was something missing.  It was THE VERY KEY to getting everything you ever wanted that was missing.

Important Legal Notice: Think and Grow Rich is a trademark belonging to The Napoleon Hill Foundation. The Lost Chapters are NOT affiliated with or from The Napoleon Hill Foundation. In fact, they don't even know about these Lost Chapters because these were omitted right before the initial print of the original Think and Grow Rich went to press. The original Think and Grow Rich was published by The Ralston Society in 1937. Upon contacting The Napoleon Hill Foundation about these Lost Chapters, they stated that there was no such thing; we believe otherwise and we will tell you why in our EXPLOSIVE Lost Chapters Report. While Napoleon Hill and/or The Ralston Society held the copyright to Think and Grow Rich in 1937 (the year of publication), Think and Grow Rich fell into public domain due to the copyright not being renewed the 28th year after publication, as per copyright law for works published between 1923 and 1963. Works that were written but went unpublished entered the public domain on January 1, 2008. Additionally, anything written before 1978 that went unpublished was not covered by federal copyright law. While the original book - Think and Grow Rich - is part of public domain, we understand that Think and Grow Rich is trademarked by The Napoleon Hill Foundation and therefore are offering our FREE REPORT called The Lost Chapters under the "fair use" exception since this report is both critical and educational in context and nature; the report itself is NOT selling a product nor does it attempt to dilute the Think and Grow Rich trademark, but rather offering FREE information about the 2 lost chapters (which were only RECENTLY discovered) in our mind-blowing report that is nothing more than educational and critical in context, again, covered by "fair use" within the law and also covered under the First Amendment (free speech) because our work (1) has artistic relevance to the work at issue, and (2) doesn't explicitly mislead consumers as to the source of the mark or the word, clearly belonging to The Napoleon Hill Foundation as indicated above. As far as the trademark, typically no one can trademark a book or movie title. Book titles are not copyrightable. But somehow the Napoleon Hill Foundation slyly registered a trademark for "Think and Grow Rich" in June 2011 under the IC (International Classification) of 016 for a "series" of non-fiction books even though one may argue that the term "Think and Grow Rich" is synonymous with "success and self-development" being that it's been around for more than 80 years, getting lost in what's called "genericide" through the ages. We believe that the grandson of Napoleon Hill, J.B. Hill (among others), is doing anything and everything he can to cling onto the fame and fortune coattails of his late grandfather which is pretty sad to say the least. Yes, The Napoleon Hill Foundation was set up by Napoleon Hill as a Non-Profit Organization but this doesn't prevent the heirs from getting nice big salaries!

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